These are samples - contact me for inventory

Wheat Bags - Hot & Cold Therapy

Filled with wheat (or rice,special order). Microwave or cool in the fridge for therapy on injuries or sore muscles. They last years. They are triple stictched to prevent leaking and pockets are sewn in to ensure even coverage.  The covers are not removable. They come with instructions. Please consult a health care professional before using.  All my wheat bags have pockets for even distribution. 

Neck & shoulder wraps - $32.00
Approximate size 17x18

Over the shoulder or thigh.  Also can be rolled up for a firm pad. 16-18 pockets.

Annie shoulder-insta.jpg
Small Rectangles - $15

Approximate size 16 x 5

Good for specific areas: Neck, abdomen, knee, shoulder. 8 pockets.

Great for traveling.

Medium Rectangles - $18

Approximate size 17 x 8

Good for specific areas: Neck, abdomen, knee, shoulder. 8 pockets.

Large Rectangles - $32

Approximate size 21 x 16

Really great for large areas. Lay on it or warm your feet at bedtime!  16 pockets.

Slippers - $40 a pair or $35 for onesies
Heat them up or cool them off.  Cold is good for swelling.  Lotsa pockets!




Sizes (mens sm & ladies lg are the same size):

Mens Sm: 7-8

Mens Med: 9-10

Mens Lg: 11-12

Mens XLg - special order

Ladies Sm: 5-6

Ladies Med: 7-9

Ladies Lg: 10-11

These fit very loose to allow for air flow around the feet. 

Onesies are loose fitting to fall around the feet.


Pockets to keep even distribution.  Cool for swelling or inflamation

Warm for ..... winter.... or poor circulation   $35

Eye pads for headaches $16

Scented with lavender or plain.  Removable cover for washing.  Cold or hot.

Draft stoppers - special order

Filled with wheat.

 $18 for most sizes