These pictures are only samples.  Please use my contact page for purchases inquiries.  Online sales will have shipping added.  

My workshop is smoke-free but pet-friendly.  All products are packaged clean.

Ragtime Quilts

All quilts are one-of-a-kind. I may reuse the same fabric but never in the same design!

My ragtime quilts are made for babies or children with love, flannel and cotton batting. 

Flannel is durable and washable, cozy & warm. The quilts get cuddlier after they've been washed a few times. The backs are identical without the ragged edges. 

Little ones dragging them around is what I imagine when I make these. <3 

$125    Large Bears  5'5" tall

$85      Medium Bears   4' tall

$65      Baby Bears  33" tall

$135    Butterflies 70" wide

$135    Foxes 4' tall

$125    Dogs 5'5" tall

$135    Dinosaurs 70" wide

$130    Owls 65" tall

Can be used as a quilt or a wall hanging or drag it around. Some are patterns that were modified & others are originally mine.   

Rectangle Ragtime Quilts

Cute, durable, soft, warm, & original.   Contact me for inventory or special order.

(sizes are approx)


BABY 30X40              $50

CRIB   36X50             $65

THROW 50x65          $75

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