Kitchen Goodies

These are just samples.  Please contact me for my inventory.  Please use my contact page for purchases & inquiries with item number. Online sales will have shipping added.  

My workshop is smoke-free but pet-friendly.  All products are packaged clean. 

Trivets (hot pads)  & Finter mitts

$16 a pair or 2 for $30

4 layers & heat resistant

Contact me for inventory!

Microwave Potato Bags 

$14 each

It's so healthy to use fresh food; BAKED POTOTOES IN MINUTES!  I also use these to precook for oven hash browns or twice baked potatoes. 

4 - 5 potatoes washed & dried.   Do not poke holes in them.  Into the microwave for 7-9 minutes (depending on the microwave), leave on the counter for 5 more minutes.  Good to go!  Leave the bag on the counter to dry before storing. 

French Press cozy - Insulated $11
Casserole Carriers 

9 x 13 $35

Roaster $45

Round Casserole $30  

Insulated cotton to keep it hot or cold.  Washable (flat dry)

Microwave bowl cozies $9
Plate cozies $11

Heat up your plate or bowl of yummies & don`t burn your finger or lap

bowl cozy.jpg
Tea Pot Cozy  - Insulated

Fits regular pots      $21

Reusable Coffee Filters   $3

#2 Size Filter: Fits 2 to 6 cup electric and 1 cup pour-over cone coffeemakers


#4 Size Filter: Fits 8 to 12 cup cone coffeemakers


#6 Size Filter: Fits 10 cup pour-over cone coffeemakers


Basket Filter 8-10 cup standard

Coffee Filters.jpg
Hanging Kitchen Towels $8.50 or 2 for $16

Hang off the cupboard door, fridge or stove

All sorts of colours - all hand picked

The towelling is approx 9-12"

Hanging Grocery Bag Holder $10
Grocery Bag Holder single_edited.jpg
Fabric Coasters $10 / 4

Contact me for inventory

Deodorizing Spray

Get rid of the funk from pet, food, teens :).  This is all natural made with essential oils, alcohol, emulsifier &good old H2O.  Made by me.  It's safe for fabric as well as the bathroom.  Give it a shake and spray twice.  It may be damp for a couple of seconds while it works.  All  natural and it lasts a long time.  4 oz bottle  $6 or for $10

Scents available right now


Island Orchid


Honey Dew

Orange Valecia


Cast Iron Handle Cover  $6